Just some of my extended family.
Lifelong Animal Lover.

I’m a lifelong animal owner, rescuer, volunteer and lover, ranging from horses (competed in Hunters and Dressage since I was

young), to dogs and cats--always in multiple numbers! I've had the pleasure of many companions since I was little: eight dogs, seven cats, five horses, two rats, two chickens, several turtles, and one snake! I've also been known to feed a hummingbird or two.

My experience spans over more than ten years, offering pet sitting and dog walking, and many years of volunteering for several shelters and rescue groups.


Most recently I rescued a blue-brindle greyhound so he could retire from the track and live the good life. So I know, understand and share the deep love you have for your own special pets. Stay Dog Stay is founded on that love and caring, and my commitment to you is to provide that level of service for your pets. Always.

For a cool look at many of my clients, visit the Stay Dog Stay Instagram page.

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Lulu the Sheepdog

Lulu the Sheepdog as she sits and stays for her close up.