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Amazing Pet Clones

I came across this awesome company called "Cuddle Clones" that will create an exact replica of your pet in a plush toy. It's incredible how closely they can clone your pet. Just look at these pics! Cuddle Clones fully backs their product, offering a full, 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

To get your own clone, you need only submit photos of you pet, and tell Cuddle Clones about any features that make your pet unique. You then get to choose the position of your new Cuddle Clone; sitting, standing or a down-stay. It costs a mere $249 -- expensive, true, but how incredible to have your pet perfectly cloned and forever in your heart.

Cuddle Clones has created over 50,000 of these. They must be doing something right! Check them out at:

Just can't get over how perfect they are.

These exact replicas of your best friend also can be created into slippers, Holiday stockings, purses and golf club covers.

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