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True or False: Facts about Greyhounds

Jinx the greyhound lying on the couch during a pet sitting visit.
Jinx the 40mph couch potato

True: Comedians and couch potatoes

False: Hyperactive and require lots of space

Greyhounds are hyperactive and need lots of exercise

False. Greyhounds are sprinters, not endurance dogs. Most are gentle and affectionate couch potatoes that need a daily walk. A regular run in an enclosed area is a nice bonus, but it is not a requirement. As with any breed, younger dogs need more exercise than older dogs. If you wish to take them running, they'll need to work up to longer distances gradually, just like you.

Greyhounds need to be on a leash

True. Greyhounds must always be on a leash when not in a completely fenced in area. They are sighthounds and have been bred to chase. Even a piece of litter in the wind could send them running in front of a car. No matter how well trained your dog is, nothing is as strong as mother nature.

Greyhounds need to live indoors

True. Greyhounds should not be left unattended in a yard, particularly if the fence is under six feet. They are also thin skinned and should not be exposed to the elements (heat or cold). Greyhounds have about half the body fat of most dogs and require coats in chilly weather.

Greyhounds need a fenced yard

False. However, if you don't have a fenced yard, be prepared to walk your dog three or four times per day. Greyhounds should not be tied out. Serious injury could result from trying to run. Greyhounds can live with cats True, for some greyhounds. If you have cats, be sure to tell your adoption group so they can help you select a cat-safe hound.

Greyhounds can’t sit

False. Greyhounds are intelligent and can be taught to do all kinds of tricks. They are quite sensitive, and only positive training methods should be used.

Greyhounds aren’t good with children

False. Most greyhounds are tolerant of children. As with any dog, play should be supervised and the child should not be permitted to abuse the dog. Some adoption groups will only adopt to families with older children.

Greyhounds can’t get fat

False. Greyhounds should be kept trim to stay in good health. A general rule of thumb is the last three ribs should be visible, and all ribs should be easy to feel.

Greyhounds don’t make good guard dogs

True. Most greyhounds are gentle, nonaggressive dogs that rarely bark.

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